Martial Arts Uniforms

Martial arts uniforms have evolved into more technical designs over the last few years, but they are also grounded in tradition. Martial arts practitioners know the need the proper uniforms to effectively practice their art. Whether you need a traditional Japanese “gi” for practicing the martial arts of karate or Judo, or a Korean martial arts uniform, the right martial arts uniforms allow full range of motion and flexibility so the fabric won’t restrain any of your moves. Like Uma Thurman’s iconic yellow jumpsuit in the Kill Bill movies or Bruce’s Lee’s black silk Kung Fu jacket, martial arts uniforms, despite how they look, must always be fully functional. To complete martial arts uniforms, you often need martial arts shoes, in addition to other martial arts supplies and accessories such as belts, rank belts (when you earn them), and patches. There are also practice martial arts uniforms and martial arts uniforms especially for tournaments. Therefore, it is important that you purchase the right martial arts uniform for your martial arts instruction. Martial arts uniforms for mixed martial arts training and mixed martial arts fighting consist basically of martial arts boxing trunks and, in many cases, wrestling shoes. On the other hand, the Japanese martial arts Karate uniform is more formalized, usually consisting of white pants and a white short jacket, both made of heavy cotton. A variation of the martial arts Karate “gi” is used in the Korean martial arts, with the exception that the jacket does not open all the way.

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